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On the Worker Registration page, you can configure reportable questions that are either Project-specific or Company-Wide.
This feature will allow you to report statistically on the responses to the questions, by using the Worker Reportable Questions Report.

Speak to your Implementation Manager to have this feature turned on. 

To configure The Worker Reportable Questions

  • Log in to HammerTech
  • Go to Administration > Worker Reportable Questions
  • Select Add/Edit Questions from the blue cog in the top right-hand corner
  • Add a Title - this will appear as the panel heading on the registration form. If no title is entered there will be a default used (Additional Personal Details)
  • Add an Opening Statement - this text will appear above the questions on the form
  • Select from the following options:
    • Select '+Add a question' within the Company Level section to set up at company wide questions - the questions and responses will carry across all projects.
    • Select '+Add a question' within the Project Level section to set up project specific questions - workers will be required to answer the questions on each new project.


  • Enter the Question Text
  • Select the Question type from the dropdown:
    • Section Break
    • Heading
    • Yes/No Radio, and Yes/No/Na radio
    • Checkbox
    • Number, or
    • Select List (dropdown answers)


Note: Using the Select list
Enter the Question text, and within Answer options add an option per line that will show in the dropdown when workers/users complete the registration form. See below for an example.


  • Tick if you would like this question Compulsory - If the question needs to be mandatory on the registration form (both public page and for logged in users adding workers), select this checkbox. They will not be able to proceed without answering the question.
  • Repeat steps to add more questions


  • Select Save Changes once you have finished adding questions - to preview the questions you will be taken back to the Worker Reportable Questions page in Administration (See example below).  The questions will appear on the Registration Page now.


In order to view a worker's responses to any Worker Reportable Questions, users will need access to Confidential Data.

To view Worker Reportable Questions on a worker's profile:

  • Log into HammerTech, then navigate to the correct project and using the left-hand menu and  select > Personnel
  • Select the name of the worker you wish to view
  • Scroll down and select 'View Additional Confidential Data' (you must have access to view this, for more information go to Giving Access To Confidential Data)
    Enter the reason why you want to view Additional Confidential Data
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