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Invalidating a specific worker's induction should be used to reinduct them on a project where they have completed it previously. This will update a worker's test status from Test Completed to Test Invalidated, and send them a link to redo the relevant induction (if an email address has been entered on their profile).

This article will show you how to invalidate a specific worker's induction. To invalidate the project, region, or company induction for a range of workers, go to Inductions > Invalidating Induction Content

Instructions to Invalidate a Worker’s Induction

  1. Select the worker's profile on the project and scroll down to the Induction Details section.
  2. Use the cog in the top right corner next to the relevant induction you wish to invalidate (Company/Region/Project) or if you wish to invalidate their entire induction select the blue cog next to the Panel heading 'Induction Details' and select Invalidate (see below)


  3. You will be prompted to enter in a ‘reason for invalidation’ and be given a choice to send notification to the worker. If you want the worker to receive an email notification advising them that their induction is now invalid with a link to complete again, leave the ‘Send notification to worker' box checked. If there is no email entered for the worker you will instead get the message 'There is no email address entered for this worker to receive a notification’. Enter an email address, save changes, and try again to ensure they receive the notification.
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