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Note: This is a feature request that will need to be turned on, please contact your implementation manager to action this request.

It is possible to set up a Public Contact Form on your public project site, to allow Workers, Visitors, and Members of the Public to submit information via email to a configured Distribution group. 

If configured, the Contact Form option will appear on the project site menu, and will give the option of selecting: Member of Public, Visitor, or Worker. If choosing to report Anonymously, no personal details will be captured. There is an optional image upload field along with a required Subject and Details section to enter any information.




Enabling a Public Contact Form:

  1. Log into HammerTech and navigate to Company Overview
  2. Select Administration > Public Contact Form
  3. Tick the relevant options:
    • Contact Form enabled on public page? - enable/disable the form for all projects
    • Allow Anonymous Submission - allows people to submit forms without any personal contact details
    • Is Email Mandatory - email field will be required for non-anonymous submissions
  4. Select the Distribution group the Contact Form should be sent to. To configure distribution groups in your system, see Setting Up Company Distribution Groups


  5. Log out and select a project - if there is a distribution group configured with recipients in that project you will now see the Contact Form option in the left hand side menu.
    All details entered on the Contact Form will be emailed directly to the configured recipients upon submission.
    NOTE: These details will not appear within HammerTech, and should be tracked through emails only until further development.
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