Procore Integration Setup Guide



Login to Procore as a company admin account
Open Company Tools – Admin
Select Service Accounts
Select +New
Select Custom, and enter “HammerTech Sync” for the name
After you create the service account, it will take you to a confirmation page. STOP here, you will need to enter this information into HammerTech


Go to Administration - Integrations - Procore

Enter the ClientId, Client Secret, and CompanyId from Procore, then select Save Changes.


The final step is to grant permission for the HammerTech integration to access the procore integration.

Grant ht-data-sync User Permissions in Procore

Company Permissions Template Setup

Go to Company Tools->Permissions
Select Company Permissions Template, Create a new Company Permission Template
Name the Permission Template “HammerTech Sync Company Permissions”
Select Standard for each “Tool”, then select Save

Project Permissions Template Setup

Select Project Permissions Templates Tab

"Create Project Permissions Template"

Select "Applicable to all projects"

Grant “Standard User” access to the Directory

Grant "Admin User" access to daily log

Save the Project Permissions Template as “HammerTech Sync Project Permissions”

Assign Permission Templates to hammertech-sync

Open the “User Permissions” tab.

Select the hammertech-sync user, expand actions and select “Assign Company Permissions Template”.

From the list select “Assign” next to the newly created “HammerTech Sync Company Permissionss”

Select “Confirm” to finalise the change.

Select the hammertech-sync, expand actions and select “Assign Default Project Permissions Template”.

From the list select “Assign” next to the newly created “HammerTech Sync Project Permissions”

Select “Confirm” to finalise the change.


Assign hammertech-sync User to Projects in Procore

Open Company->Directory

Select Users Tab

Select “Edit” next to the hammertech-sync account you created earlier.


To add the connector to all future projects
Select “Add hammertech-sync to all new projects in …”
Then Save
To add the connector to all existing projects
Scroll down Select “Add All” under Projects Does Not Belong To.
After that finishes select “Add to all new projects”
Then Save
To add the connector to specific existing projects
Scroll down “Add” for each project you wish to use the connector with.
Then Save


[Next Steps]

At this stage, let your customer success manager know, and they will help to confirm the integration is setup successfully.

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