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Thank you for your patience while we update our screenshots to the new look. The functionality remains the same, just the look has changed.

The Dashboard option for Incidents will show all incidents that have been created on the Hammertech platform. 

The Incidents Dashboard will show different columns based on the Dashboard appearing on a Company level or Project Level.

Company Level Dashboard

When a User is in Company Overview, the Incidents Dashboard will have the following columns be available:

  • Reference Number
  • Date Occured
  • Type
  • Status

Note: Any Incident Marked as Confidential will only show the Reference Number on the Incidents Dashboard.



Project Level Dashboard

When a User has selected a Project from the drop-down menu, the Incidents Dashboard will change to have the following columns be available:

  • Date Occured
  • Incident Type 
  • Injuries Reported
  • Status
  • Number (#) of Days Open.


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