Offline Mode and Syncing - explained

The HammerTech Inspect offline mode allows users to walk throughout a site, completing an inspection, without worrying about loosing connection. HammerTech Inspect works online and offline with no interuption to the end user.

In short - we handle the connection, so you can concentrate on the task at hand.


This article covers:

  • How offline mode works
  • How to know when you are offline
  • How to sync your data
  • Functionality not available in offline mode


How offline mode works

Offline mode in the HammerTech Inspect app, is built into the app itself. Meaning there is no setup required from you.

As soon as you start using the HammerTech Inspect app, you will have both online and offline capability available to you.

Once a project has been selected, the HammerTech Inspect app will sync all data for that project. After this, you will be able to work in offline mode.


How to know when you are offline

No matter which screen you are on, the HammerTech Inspect app will display the following message when you are in offline mode. As soon as you are online again, the message will disappear.



How to sync your data

The HammerTech Inspect app has an automated synchronisation (sync). This means that when you have been working offline - all you need to do is get connected and the app will automatically sync your data straight to HammerTech (web).

Just remember to get connected!


Functionality not available in offline mode

Although we have tried to make the offline mode as similar to online mode as possible, differences will occur. See below the list of items to be aware of.

  • inspection completion - an inspection cannot be completed in offline mode.
  • send issues, including send interim issues - issues cannot be sent in offline mode.
  • sync the data to / from HammerTech (web) - data cannot be synced to / from HammerTech (web) in offline mode. Note: this includes any configuration changes.
  • switching projects - projects cannot be changed in offline mode.
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