Configuring the Sign-In Flagged Postcodes

*Admin Users Only*

It is possible to configure a list of postcodes as 'flagged', to help manage workers that are attending site from restricted locations. By configuring a list of flagged postcodes, a notification can be sent to a distribution group to alert them once a flagged worker has signed in. This will also trigger a flag icon next to the worker in the Sign-In Book (within Site Diary). 

Note: Workers will still be able to sign if they are from a flagged postcode. This is for notification purposes only.

Speak to your HammerTech account manager to set up a workflow linked to one of your company or project distribution groups to enable the Flagged Postcodes notification.

This article will explain how to configure the Sign-In Flagged Postcodes and the response message that will display to the worker on sign in.


Before following these instructions, make sure the following requirements have been met.

  • Administration User - only System Admin Users are able to manage the Sign-In Flagged Postcodes. If you are not an administration user, speak to the System Admin of your company to complete this task.
  • Install the latest version of the HT Sign-in app on your device. For further guidance on how to do this, see Sign-in App > How To Update the HT Sign-in App


  1. Log in to HammerTech
  2. Go to Administration > Sign-in Flagged Postcodes
  3. Within the Postcodes to Flag section, enter each postcode that you are wanting to be flagged
    • Note: each postcode must be entered on a separate line
  4. Within the Flagged Response Message, modify the text to whatever you are requiring this to state
  5. Select Save Changes

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