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It is possible to set up a TV on site that will display various pieces of information directly from the HammerTech system. For example Permit and Booking Boards, Bulletins, site maps, Outstanding Issues, etc making it easier to communicate important information to personnel on site.

Note: by default the configuration of these options are not turned on, a request to is required from the primary contact of your company, to turn on the functionality.

  • The application works on Android 6.0+ devices such as Media Players, the device also needs access to the Google Playstore.
  • Upon your initial request to turn on this feature, you will be provided with the specific configuration details to enter into the app.

In order to set up the TV App on your smart TV device:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet and open the Google Play Store
  • Search for 'HammerTech' and install the HammerTech Interactive TV application

  • The application will now be installed - just like you would on any device drag and drop the application from the application section of the device to the homescreen.
  • Once the app has been installed, you will need to enter the configuration details provided by HammerTech

Note: The company, username and password will not change - the only detail that is modified from project to project is the Projects URL (<- whatever comes after this / 


Note: use the pin 5678 if you need to update configuration details on your TV

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