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HammerTech have an app available that you can install on most Android smart TV's that are connected to the internet. If your TV is not a smart TV, you can use an externally connected media streaming device. Examples of these are items such as Google Chromecast, Fetch box, Telstra TV box, etc.

Once installed it allows you to display important information important to the operation of your site. The available sections available to display are Bulletins, Outstanding Observations, Bookings, Booking Map, Permits and Permits Map. These all assist to communicate essential information to personnel on site.

Navigate through the app using the device's remote. Set the screens to rotate automatically, or pause on a selected screen.

In order to use the HammerTech TV App, follow these steps to install.

  • Make sure your TV or Streaming Device is connected to the internet
  • Open the Google Play Store

  • Search for 'HammerTech' and install the HammerTech TV application

  • Once the app has been installed, it will display an activation code that you will need to enter in your HammerTech system.

  • In HammerTech, go to the relevant Project -> Project Settings -> TV Devices and follow these steps...
    1) Click the blue + symbol to add a new device

    2) Enter the activation code and a name for your device (i.e. site office TV)

    3) You will get confirmation it has connected successfully

    4) You can now tick which screens you would like displayed on your TV

    5) You can now drag and drop or use the number dropdown under each image to set the order in which they display. You can also configure how long they display.

    6) Lastly, select if you want a screen to be skipped if there is no data to display and then press Save Changes.

  • Now you can go to your TV and start the slid show.
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