2017 - August Release Detailed Notes

Thank you for your patience while we update our screenshots to the new look. The functionality remains the same, just the look has changed.

  1. New Feature - [SMM-2775] - 'Employer Status Report': Under Reports, admin users can now download a report on a company or project level, titled ‘Employers Status Report’, allowing you to easily check the status of all employers, both active and inactive, along with details on expiring insurances.
  2. New Feature - [SMM-2547] - ‘HSEQ User Statistics’ Report broken down: As a Main Contractor, users now have the ability to extract information related to all internal users and their interactions with HSEQ Inspections. This helps in ensuring different companies reporting requirements, outside of the system, are being met.
  3. New Feature - [SMM-2765] - Site Diary Reminders: Users now have the ability to send a reminder to all active employers who haven't submitted site numbers for the day, rather than individually.
  4. Improvement - [SMM-1692] - PDF extract of SWMS: It is now possible to extract SWMS details, including any checklists, personnel, equipment, or permits associated with it, into a PDF to keep for your records, or to distribute as a hard copy.
  5. New Feature - [SMM-977] - Filtering users: You now have the ability when searching for users under both administration and project, to filter by user type, with alphabetical ordering either by name or email. As a Safety Manager, this will allow you to better manage your account and find relevant users. 
  6. New Feature - [SMM-2901] - Adding/editing injuries within incidents: Now when editing or creating an incident, you are able to add and edit inline injuries, that are associated with that particular incident.
  7. Improvement - [SMM-2746] - Inspection Types broken down within Statistics Report: Previously, the statistics report at project level and company level, displayed all inspections combined. The report now shows a breakdown of each type of inspection to make it clearer and more insightful.
  8. Improvement - [SMM-2747] - Issue Types broken down within statistics report: Similar to above, statistics report now has a breakdown of each Issue Type configured, showing the number of completed / resolved / raised issues.
  9. New Feature - [SMM-2347] - Adding Issue locations: when raising issues within an inspection or checklist, you are now able to state the location of the issue, which is particularly useful with generic checklists that are not already assigned to a specific location.
  10. New Feature - [SMM-1812] - Ability to filter outstanding issues by location: When viewing outstanding issues you are now able to filter by location hierarchy so that where a user is assigned to locations they will only see those issues.
  11. Improvement - [SMM-2465] - Easier way to add attendees to a meeting: Both Main Contractors and Employers now have a more efficient way of adding attendees to a meeting, with the ability to select 'all workers', select multiple individuals at once, and continue to add individuals from different employers prior to selecting add. 
  12. Bug - [SMM-2590] - When users are completing an Inspection, under some circumstances if the same Checklist was added more than once, the first issue raised against each checklist item may have appeared against the first checklist, when the checklist was configured to raise issues automatically when that answer was selected.
  13. Bug - [SMM-2816] - Unintentionally, despite UI text stating otherwise, any attendee of an inspection, could submit an active inspection. It was only intended for the creator of the inspection to be able to submit the inspection.
  14. Bug - [SMM-2866] - Under some circumstances, the detailed walk report might not show the checklists in the correct order.
  15. Bug - [SMM-2832] - Full location hierarchy wasn't always being shown to subcontractors when viewing the inspection issues list.
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