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To be able to provide permission for a worker to complete an inspection on a piece of equipment, there are a few things that need to be set up within project and administration settings. To read about how to ensure your system is set up for worker inspections, see Setting Up Worker Created Inspections.

  • After the equipment and inspection/issue types have been set up within the system, the final step to provide a worker with permission to complete an inspection involves navigating to > Project Settings > Equipment Inspections
  • All Equipment that has been approved and inducted into the project will show here
  • Select the relevant piece of inducted equipment
  • Select the worker/s you wish to complete the inspection - you will notice workers without a mobile number cannot be used, however if you select their name you will be taken to their profile details to add a mobile number


  • Select > Send SMS 
  • The worker will receive an SMS with a link to the inspection where they will first be required to verify their mobile number (see screenshot below)

Note: Alternatively, you can use the QR code which will take you to the same verification page as the link in the SMS. You can also export the QR code to pdf to print and hand out.

  • Once the worker receives the verification code, they will need to enter it and select submit
  • Once verified, they will be redirected to the inspection where they will need to select the relevant Inspection Type (will only show those that are flagged as 'Worker allowed to create' under Administration > Inspection Types).


  • Just like other HSEQ inspections within HammerTech, the worker will need to complete any checklists that have been set up, raising any issues or observations as they go. Once the worker has marked it as complete, the inspection and any issues raised will be submitted to the General Contractor for review.
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