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In order to create and manage the meeting types available in your system:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate to the left panel > Administration > Meeting Types
  • Select +Add New in the top right corner
  • Enter in a Name for the Meeting Type you are creating
  • To allow contractors to create this Meeting Type themselves, tick 'Is Employer Allowed To Create'
  • To include the ability to allocate Location/s against attendees, tick 'Is Attendee Locations Enabled'
  • Add and enter any custom fields using the Add Field button - These fields appear when you first create the meeting, and when you go to edit while the meeting is still marked as Incomplete.
  • Select the type of field from the drop-down menu (Free Text; Text Area; Checkbox; Yes/No; Yes/No/NA; Date; Time; DateTime; Expiry Date; Image/Picture Upload; Image/Picture Download; File Download; File Upload; Heading; Section Break; Large Readonly Text; Expandable Text; No Margin Text; Signature Only; Signature With Name; Sub Form)
  • Select if the 'Field is Compulsory' (Here you can also move the field up or down and delete it if required) 
  • Select from the permissions on who has access to either view or edit the field and if the report for that field is either a summary or detailed
  • Continue to add fields as required
  • Below the fields, select what system fields you would like to appear on the Meeting form by selecting Include Only (select those that you wish to include) or Exclude Only (select the fields that you don't want to include), or leave the option on None to show all system fields.
  • Once Completed, select Create, or Save Changes if editing an already existing Meeting Type.
  • If you wish to allow Issues to be raised in the Meeting, make sure there are Issue Types configured (under Administration > Issue Types) that have the Can Raise In Meetings checkbox ticked.


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