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Within the HammerTech system you can create and manage incidents, in order to allow you to capture the necessary information and documentation to communicate the incident efficiently.

To create and manage different incident types:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate to the left panel > Administration > Incident Types
  • Select +Add New in the top right corner
  • Enter in a Name for the Incident type you are creating
  • There are three sets of custom fields and system fields that can be configured for incidents that are:
    • Near Miss Only
    • Actually Occurred Only
    • Near Miss or Actually Occurred
  • Under Custom Fields you can configure questions to cover any additional details you want included in the incident form, (see Custom Fields Explained for more info).
  • Under the heading System Fields, select which fields you want to appear in the form for each of the three options. By selecting the rule: 'None', all fields will show up.

  • Depending on the option selected below when a user goes to create an incident, they will be prompted to answer any questions that have been set up within the custom and system fields.


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