2017 - September Release Detailed Notes

  1. New Feature - [SMM-2908] - Deleting locations: As a Main Contractor with project admin rights, you now have the ability to soft-delete location types as you see fit. Allowing you to better manage your project.
  2. New Feature - [SMM-1068] - PDF export for Meetings: As a Safety Manager, you now have the ability to run a PDF export for the toolbox meeting and get a summary of what was discussed, outcomes and notes / declaration.
  3. New Feature - [2473] - All users can be assigned to functions: Ability to assign main contractor users to a function, for all roles, not just superintendent, so that all users can be responsible for functions without being limited.
  4. Improvement - [SMM-1584] - Mandatory Licenses for projects: As a Main Contractor, you now have the ability to specify that a specific licence is mandatory on a project, to assist in items such as asbestos and working with children, therefore increasing the accuracy of the online registration.
  5. Improvement - [SMM-3047] - Divider line between worker licenses: When adding multiple licenses there is now a divider line to more easily distinguish between the licenses.
  6. Improvement - [SMM-2684] - Site diary reminders for past days: When a site diary reminder is sent to a subcontractor for a date in the past (not today), the date is now clearly displayed to the subcontractor when completing the diary.
  7. Improvement - [SMM-2740] - Configuring checklist questions: When configuring Checklists, you can now send checklist questions to the top/bottom, to save time (similar to custom forms).
  8. Improvement - [SMM-2989] - Deleting documents folders: You now have the ability to delete Folders from the Documents section (as long as they're empty).
  9. New Feature - [SMM-3021] - Employer Self Service Dashboard: As a main contractor, there is now another option for your dashboard screen that shows all items submitted by Employers, for example, JHAs, MSDS, Permits, Bookings, Equipment etc, so that it is clear what items require action/review.
  10. New Feature - [SMM-2969] - Custom fields within Meetings: As a main contractor admin, for a given meeting type, you are now able to configure custom fields to capture whatever information you require.
  11. Improvement - [SMM-3034] - Changes to Worksafe useage: Behavioural changes to incidents for worksafe notifications to make it more generic and applicable.
  12. New Feature - [SMM-2700] - Adding photo evidence to meetings: As a user completing an assigned meeting, you now have the ability to add comments and 1-3 files(PDF)/photos of the meeting i.e. evidence, or paper toolbox talk to the completed meeting, outside of any responses to custom fields/agenda.
  13. New Feature - [SMM-2689] - Exporting personnel list to pdf: As a main contractor, viewing the different personnel lists, you are able to export a copy of the items based on your current list filtering, in excel format, so that it can stored for records or distributed.
  14. New Feature - [SMM 2692] - Display names for HSEQ checklists: As a Main Contractor Admin, when configuring a HSEQ Checklist, you have the ability to enter in a 'display' name which shows in the inspection, then a checklist name that you can use to organize checklists when assigning to inspections.
  15. New Feature - [SMM-3041] - ‘Review Pending’ option for JHAs: As a Main Contractor, there is now a menu item under the JHA component, titled 'Review Pending' similar to SDS and Safety Plans, saving you time and consistency.
  16. New Feature - [SMM-3042] - ‘Review pending’ option for permits and bookings: As a Main Contractor, there is now a menu item under the Bookings / Permits component, titled 'Review Pending' similar to SDS and Safety Plans, to save you time and consistency.
  17. New Feature - [SMM-3043] – Filtering by permit type: As a Main Contractor, when viewing permits / bookings (View All) you can now filter by Permit Type, as well as Status and Employer.
  18. Bug - [SMM-2988]: Improved the performance of file uploads within the system.
  19. Bug - [SMM-2951]: When users were completing an equipment inspection and entering in the Service Hours incorrectly (i.e. with decimal point) the system was not providing an error to advise the user.
  20. Bug - [SMM-3022]: On Android and iOS some users experienced an issue trying to attach a fix photo for an issue where they were only able to take a photo and not access their gallery.
  21. Bug - [SMM-3046]: In some circumstances where the signin app function was disabled, users who didn't have individual site diaries were unable to access the cog for export to pdf in the site diary.

+19 Other Improvements & Small Bug-Fixes

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