2017 - November Release Detailed Notes

  1.  New Feature – [SMM-2811] – As a company administrator, when creating a Permit Type, you can now assign the Permit Type to a specific project, as opposed to having it show up on all projects.
  2. Improvement – [SMM-3176] / [SMM-3092]  Changes have been made to the Primary Contact User Interface so that main contractor users have the ability to manipulate the Primary Contact from the Employer details page rather than the edit page.
  3. New Feature – [SMM-2929] – Clients can now upload hours / number of MTI / LTI injuries by month for the previous 12 months to help with reporting.
  4.  New Feature – [SMM-2868]  There is now another report option available for HSEQ Inspections, similar to the current Detailed Walk Report but with pictures of all of the inspection issues included.
  5. New Feature – [SMM-3151]  There is now an option for Main Contractors to hide their Employers list from public inductions, requiring them to instead be selected when approving the worker.
  6. Improvement – [SMM-3137] When creating a new project, you will now be automatically suggested a simple project domain, based on the name of the project, so that you can have an easy starting point.
  7. Improvement – [SMM-3136] – Changing project domains is now disabled after it has been created, to prevent users from invalidating existing links and causing issues down the track.
  8. New Feature – [SMM-2843]  Changes have been made to the quick and full induction landing page, using different wording to make it clearer to users which induction they need to complete.
  9. New Feature – [SMM-3079] As a Main Contractor, you can now assign an Employer to a HSEQ Inspection and have all issues that are raised automatically assigned to that Employer.
  10. Improvement – [SMM-1652]  Improved the User Interface surrounding the updating of insurance details, to make it clearer to employers when they have successfully uploaded the correct document (small preview image will show up after a document is attached).
  11.  New Feature – [SMM-3190] Word documents (.docx) can now be used as a source for induction slide show contents.
  12. New Feature – [SMM-2983]  You now have the ability to search for SDS product names and manufacturers in the system search bar and find any records relating to it.
  13. Improvement – [SMM-2934] – As an Employer, when providing the days progress, the site visitors field is no longer mandatory since it might not always apply.
  14. Improvement – [SMM-2914] – Improvements to AntiForgeryToken, to help clarify any suspected forgery issues to the user.
  15. Improvement – [SMM-2749] – Worker lists are now sorted alphabetically when creating bulletins, adding personnel to meetings, etc.
  16. New Feature – [SMM-2982] – When submitting/creating (M)SDS', the (M)SDS product name field is now mandatory.
  17. Improvement – [SMM-3120] – You can now export your (M)SDS from the system as an excel spreadsheet.
  18. New Feature – [SMM-2131] – You now have the ability to capture a Visitor's contact number and reason for visit, when utilising the Sign In App.
  19. New Feature – [SMM-2758] – Main Contractors now have the option to force digital signature for JHA Acknowledgement Forms.
  20. New Feature – [SMM-2972] – Site Diary renamed to Daily Report for US based clients.
  21. New Feature – [SMM-1920]  Projects are now time zone aware to accommodate for projects in other states and overseas.
  22. New Feature – [SMM-2992] – Selecting a Default Issue type when creating an Inspection Type will automatically tick this as an ‘Available Issue Type’ within the Inspection.
  23. New Feature – [SMM-3110] – The Employer Account Activation email has been changed for clarity and to help reduce confusion from subcontractors who receive a forwarded email.
  24. New Feature – [SMM-3076] – Now when rejecting an SDS, the subcontractor will receive an email and system notification, similar to JHA.
  25. Improvement – [SMM-1906] – When viewing a JHA that has signatures against it, each signature now states 'Signed' rather than 'Reviewed', since the Review process has already happened in the system.
  26. Improvement – [SMM-2679] – As a Main Contractor, when I am reviewing a Safety Plan, the button and text associated to action is now 'Accept' not 'Approve', similar to the changes made to JHA for legal purposes.
  27. Improvement – [SMM-1136] – Users can now see the status of a JHA when on the individual JHA page.
  28. New Feature – [SMM-2045] – The Sign In App sign out time is now linked to the Site Timings for a project so that workers will be signed out when the site closes for the day (if they haven't already).
  29. Improvement – [SMM-2580] – When entering in the project specific configuration details into the android Sign In tablet, any running spaces at the end of either of the fields will be removed automatically, making it easier for users trying to log in to the app.
  30. Bug - [SMM-3184] - Permit + Booking Notifications were not working correctly in some cases (including permits starting within 1 hour that still require review).
  31. Bug – [SMM-2935] – In some situations, the custom fields were not showing up in PDF reports for the daily report.
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