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The Primary Contact is an important role within the HammerTech system. This individual can be set up to be the same contact for All Projects for a company or just for This Project. Depending on the size of the Employer, this individual is not usually the person on site. They will most likely be office based and will be responsible for ensuring their personnel have completed Inductions and submitted JHA's. 

To add a Primary Contact or update the current Primary Contact details for an employer:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Employers > Active
  • Select the relevant Employer from the list
  • Under Primary Contact, you will see the details and status of the current contact
  • Select the Plus sign to add a Primary Contact


  • You can then select if you want to use new or existing account details (you will only see users from that company who have previously had an account set up).


  • If you are creating a new contact that doesn't already exist in the system, select New from the drop down, enter in their email address and press Validate.
  • Under Contact Type, select whether this person will be the Primary Contact on a Company level, or just for this Project. 
  • Fill in the rest of their details and press Submit
  • An email will be sent to the user with their account details and a link to activate their account.


  • You can check the status of a Primary Contact by going back into the Employer's profile. If the user has not set up their account yet, you will see Pending Activation under their Status.
  • To resend the email, select the blue cog > View and then > Send Reminder
  • Once they have set up their account, the status will change to Active.


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