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Within the HammerTech system it is possible to restrict and control access to personnel data for Subcontractor users (Primary Contact and Nominated Representatives).

Only users that have been granted 'Allow Access to Confidential Information' at a project level can request to view and edit certain confidential information relating to their workers, for example:

  • Contact Details
  • Vehicle Details
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact
  • License Photo + Numbers

Where they have been granted access, the user must provide a reason which is logged and is able to be reported on for auditing purposes. As an admin user of the system, you are able to control who on the project is provided with access to confidential information.

To give access to an Employer User:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate to the correct project and using the left hand menu select > Project Settings > Users (only Administrators and Standard Users - that have been granted project ‘admin role’ access can access this menu item.)
  • Use the filter in the top right corner to select 'All' under Subcontractor


  • Select the relevant user from the list of Employer users and tick the appropriate options below.
  • By giving the Employer user access to confidential information, they will be able to view and edit any of their workers personal details and license information (once a reason is provided).


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