2017 - May 23rd Release Detailed Notes

8 important new features and improvements

1. New Feature - [SMM-2667/2668] The ability to export the HSEQ Issue lists (outstanding, resolved and closed) in Excel or PDF format. Managing and exporting your HSEQ Issues lists has never been easier, with the release of the new export functionality. Users now can apply the necessary sorting and filters to the HSEQ Issue lists and then export the list out in both excel and PDF format. The excel list contains all the details related to the issues (excluding pictures), with the PDF providing the list with relevant pictures.

To find out more information about exporting issue lists Click Here.

2. New Feature - [SMM-2706] The ability when commencing an HSEQ Inspection, to provide a unique description, that will be associated to the inspection in all HSEQ Inspection lists. Navigating and finding that HSEQ Inspection that was previously commenced or completed, is now simple. Filter your HSEQ Inspection lists by the InspectionType and then locate the inspection that displays your unique description.

To find out more information about adding a description to a HSEQ Inspection Click Here.

3. New Feature - [SMM-2459] Added ordering arrows to each location within the projects location hierarchy. We have improved the user experience related to creating and modifying your projects location hierarchy, with simple up and down arrows. Move your locations around as you desire, alphabetical sorting no longer is enforced in this list.

To find out more information about location hierarchies Click Here.

4. Improvement - [SMM-2537] When assigning a location to a HSEQ checklist or HSEQ issue, the user experience has been updated to navigate one level at a time. The new navigation user interface aims to increase the speed in which a user can locate and assign a location.

To find out more information about location hierarchies Click Here.

5. New Feature - [SMM-2122] Quick Induction verification no longer requires the Employer name in which you initially undertook your first registration / induction. We now utilise your DOB, First / Last Name and Mobile number to verify who you are, previously we required the name of the Employer whom you first registered yourself to. Feedback received indicated that this isn’t always the Employer in which you were going to undertake work for on the next project, so we have improved the user experience for you.

To find out more information about quick inductions Click Here.

6. New Feature - [SMM-2622] Company Administrators have the ability to set PPE at a company level, for the mandatory PPE applicable across all projects.  We are consistently looking at ways to ensure process conformance, whilst cutting down on administration time, this is another example.

To find out more information about configuring PPE at a Company Level Click Here.

7. New Feature - [SMM-2556] Company Administrators now have the ability when creating or modifying custom forms i.e. Permits, to send custom fields within the form to the top or the bottom of the order.

8. New Feature - [SMM-1953] The ability to export a PDF report on an incident captured within HammerTech, and for the generic PDF report to capture all the relevant details associated to the incident.

To find out more information about incident reporting Click Here.

+ 18 bug-fixes 

9. Improvement - [SMM-2605] Disabled auto fill of email address and passwords, when company administrators are creating new users in Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

10. Improvement - [SMM-2624] Enforced page validation of all mandatory fields within the Equipment forms, prior to displaying the final ‘sign-off’ when a user ‘approves’ the equipment.

11. Improvement - [SMM-2596] After sending a reminder for worker numbers within a site-diary, users are now returned to the same spot on the page.

12. Improvement - [SMM-2477] Changed behaviour when assigning HSEQ issues, that have been raised by Employers, where there are no functions configured, users can now reject, review and edit without assigning a responsible party. Previously it required you to assign a responsible party.

13. Improvement - [SMM-2677] Standard Users, with Admin role (as project level) can now modify their projects location hierarchy.

14. Bug - [SMM-2727] Resolved - Site Diary - Under some circumstances, the site visitors field was being disabled in Google Chrome browser incorrectly.

15. Bug - [SMM-2723] Resolved - Site Diary - A recent change to Google Chrome prevented workers start/end times from displaying correctly in the site diary, when the company was using HammerTech Sign In Tablets.

16. Bug - [SMM-2637] Resolved - Site Diary - When viewing the site diary on some Apple iOS devices the reminder option became unresponsive to touch, against employers in the subcontractor progress section.

17. Bug - [SMM-2230] Resolved - Site Diary - Intermittent issue effecting Apple iOS devices, that were causing the Employer self-service site diary entry submissions, to not be able to touch the submit button.

18. Bug - [SMM-2651] Resolved - Checklist Administration - When creating/modifying a Checklist in HSEQ Inspections, the 'Copy Settings To New Question' button was used, was not always copying changes to the 'For Yes' and 'For No' text fields.

19. Bug - [SMM-2262] Resolved - Checklist Administration - Resolved issue where 'Question is Compulsory' was not always saved or enforced.

20. Bug - [SMM-2354] Resolved - Inspections - Under some circumstances, where checklists that had been 100% completed within a HSEQ Inspection, they were still showing ‘Checklist – Incomplete’.

21. Bug - [SMM-2615] Resolved - Inductions - Where no induction has been configured, the translator declaration option for workers, usually displayed post verification of mobile number, will no longer unnecessarily appear.

+ 6 Other Additional Fixes and Improvements

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