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Within the HammerTech system it is possible to restrict and control access to a greater level of personnel data, with our 'extended privacy' option. Generally confidential access only controls personnel data relating to 'Medical' information via checklists.  The extended privacy option expands on this to include the following:

  • Contact Details (cell, email and phone)
  • Vehicle Details - where configured
  • Address
  • Emergency Contact - Name, Contact Phone Number
  • License - Photo/s + Unique Licence Numbers

Only users that have been granted 'allow access to confidential information' at a project level can request to view the above mentioned data. Where they have been granted access, the user must provide a reason which is logged and is able to be reported on for auditing purposes. As a admin user of the system, you are able to control who on the project is provided with access to confidential information.

The 'extended privacy' is an opt in feature and is not turned on by default.  Clients are required to request the feature either via their account manager or via

Granting Access to Users

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Project Settings > Users.

  • Select the user and tick the Allow Access to Confidential Information box


Requesting Confidential Management (where you have been granted the privilege) 

  • Users with access to confidential information will see the following clickable box 'View Additional Confidential Information' within a workers profile

  • Once this is clicked, the user will be prompted to enter a reason as to why they require access. For example, to verify induction details. 


  • Once a reason is entered, all the confidential data listed above (contact details, licenses, etc.) will be shown.
  • If a user is not allowed access to confidential information, they will see the message shown below. If access is required, they will need to contact an admin user on that project, or email a request through to

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