2017 - June 22nd Release Detailed Notes

1. New Feature – [SMM-2641/2642] – When undertaking a HSEQ Inspection, users now have the ability to ‘Send Interim Issues’ out to the responsible parties, without having to complete the entire inspection.  This is especially handy for inspections such as ITPs, where there may be a hold point part way through the inspection, in which issues need to be submitted and resolved prior to continuing to the next section of the inspection. Users can also manage the workflow related to the outstanding issues, from within the inspection to provide a holistic view of the process.

2. New Feature – [SMM-2709/2710/2711] – Personnel data deemed to be confidential has been extended to included address details, emergency contact details, contact information, licence pictures, vehicle details.  Users that have been granted access to confidential information, will have to request access to the information and provide a reason to view the data, which will then be logged. This feature will be automatically turned-on for all new clients, existing clients will need to request the feature to be turned on. 

To find out more information about exporting issue lists Click Here.

3. New Feature – [SMM-1361] – When raising an issue within the system either adhoc or via a HSEQ Inspection, users have the ability to select a ‘Function’ when assigning the responsible party and only employers related to that function will show for selection. This feature requires for your company to have configured functions and assigned them to employers i.e. the function of ‘structure’ associated only to structure related companies.

4. New Feature – [SMM-2736] – Company Admin users now have the ability when configuring InspectionTypes, to select a default report type that is to be generated (or no report at all) when the inspection is completed.

5. New Feature – [SMM-2817] – The subcontractor portal dashboard ‘Today’s Actions’ are no longer just text but contain links to the specific item outlined, to improve the user experience.  For example is there are 4 Workers with Expiring/Expired Licences, selecting the 4 will now take the subcontractor user to a list of the 4 personnel that have expired licences.

6. New Feature – [SMM-2848] – When undertaking a HSEQ Inspection, users can now generate a PDF report during the inspection, without having to complete the inspection.

7. New Feature – [SMM-2696] – Project admin users now have the ability to create their own Android Sign-In application configuration details via Project Settings > Sign in Devices. Only companies that have requested access to the sign-in application, will have the ability to request their own configuration details.

8. New Feature – [SMM-2726] – Users now have the ability to configure within an Employers profile, whether or not the Employer should be shown as active within the Site Diary.  This functionality allows you to control the Employers shown within your site diary and also provides the ability for you to select for the system only to add the Employer after they start on site, based on the ‘start date’ selected within the Employer profile.

9. New Feature – [SMM-2743] – Company Admin users now have the ability to configure PPE requirements at a company level.  Previously PPE was configured at a project level, we have now provided the ability to configure at a company level which applies to all projects.  You are still able to configure project specific items at a project level.

10. New Feature – [SMM-2794] – When configuring forms within the HammerTech system i.e. Permits, Equipment etc users now have a new custom field called ‘textarea,’ which provides a larger freetext field for data input, that also accepts line breaks.  

11. New Feature – [SMM-2696] – Users now have the ability when viewing the ‘read only’ version of an Employer profile, to select the Primary contacts email address and have it launch their default mail client. 

12. New Feature – [SMM-2386] – Multiple new pieces of PPE that are now available for selection – Long Sleeve Tops, Long Pants and Work Boots.

13. Improvement – [SMM-2806] – Users are now able to sort Issues by location, due date, status, priority, responsible party and issuetype by ascending or descending order.

14. Improvement – [SMM-2538] – When selecting a thumbnail image within the system, the system now will expand further and allow where possible for the user to zoom in.

15. Improvement – [SMM-2845] – When bulletins with attachments are communicated via the Android TV application and no body text was supplied, then when displaying the text area has been reduced in size, allowing for a clearer and larger view of the attachment.

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