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An electronic Sign In Book can be used as part of the HammerTech system, for workers and visitors to sign in and sign out of when on site. The information collected feeds straight into the daily Daily Report and gives the project a list of people on site, to use in case of an emergency. This article will explain how to set up your device.

Note: by default the configuration of these options are not turned on, a request to is required from the primary contact of your company, to turn on the functionality.

The application works on Android 6.0+ devices and it is recommended that you use a tablet, as it has not been designed for phones. 

  • Connect device to the sites Wifi
  • Access the Google Play Store once you have internet connectivity and enter in your credentials, if prompted
  • Search for ‘HammerTech’ and download the ‘HammerTech Signin Book’ application


  • The application will now be installed - just like you would on any device drag and drop the application from the application section of the device to the homescreen.
  • Open the application and you will be prompted to enter in some details:
    1. Project Domain -
    2. Company Url – 
    3. API Key - 
  • You can obtain these details directly from your HammerTech system by navigating to > Project Settings in the left hand menu and selecting > Signin Devices


  • In the top right corner select the + symbol and fill out the Name and Location fields. This will help you keep track of the device within the system so use something that will allow you to identify it easily
  • Select +Create and you will be given the setup details for the app
  • Now go back to the sign in app on your device and enter in the setup details (see example below)
  • You will be presented with the following option 'Visitors Only (Not Workers)
    • If not ticked: this will provide an option for visitors and all inducted workers to sign in. This means HammerTech will calculate hours worked by the inducted workers and will automatically record those hours and visitor information in your Daily Report.
    • If this is ticked: the sign in tablet can be utilised for visitors only, this information would be captured and logged within your Daily Report.
  • Select 'Update Details'




  • The Sign In app will now be ready to use
  • To view sign in activity for a site, access the day's daily report and in the top right corner select the blue cog > Sign In Book


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