Managing Your Sign-in Devices

**Admin Users Only**

As a Project, Region or System Admin User within the HammerTech system, you can manage and set up your own HT Sign-in app devices. Whether you are configuring a new device or adding an additional device to your project, the instructions below will guide you through the process.

This article shows you how to:

  • access the login details for an existing HT Sign-in App
  • create a new login for the HT Sign-in app
  • re-configure a device to a different project.


Before following these instructions, make sure the following requirements have been met.

  • Administration User - only Project, Region or System Admin Users are able to manage the HT Sign-in app setup. If you are not an administration user, speak to the System Admin of your company to request the required permission.
  • Install the latest version of the HT Sign-in app on your device. For further guidance on how to do this, see Sign-in App > How To Update the HT Sign-in App


Access the log in details of an existing HT Sign-in app

To see what the current login details are for the HT Sign-in app installed on your project:

  1. Log in to HammerTech.
  2. Go to Project Settings > Signin Devices.
  3. Select your device from the list.
    You will then see the setup details.

Create a new HT Sign-in app log in

When you need to create a new HT Sign-in app login for your project, due to adding an additional device on site (or for other reasons):

  1. Log in to HammerTech.
  2. Go to Project Settings > Signin Devices.
  3. In the top right corner, press the + button (Add).
  4. Enter a Name and Location for your device.
  5. Press the +Create button.

Note: The Name and Location will help you to keep track of your device, so enter details that will allow you to identify the tablet easily.

Re-configure a device to a different project

If you want to start using your sign-in device on a different project, you will need to make sure you change the configuration details in the app so that they align with the new project. Complete the below instructions within the HT Sign-in app on your device:

  1. Open the HT Sign-in app on your device.
  2. Go to the blue cog, in the top left of the HT Sign-in app home screen.
  3. Enter the 4 digit setup pin - 5678.
  4. Enter the Configuration Details when prompted.
  5. Press Update.

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