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***You must be a project level admin in order to upload and manage project specific induction slides***

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), ensure you are on the Project page you want to create the orientation for, then navigate using the left hand menu > Project Settings > Orientation Settings
  • Once on the 'Orientation Sections' page > Select the '+' button in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will enable you as a user to add a section to the orientation process.

Section Details

  • The system will automatically select the Enable Induction Section tick box. Note: It is recommended when creating an induction that this box is checked, as disabling it will make the section not visible during the induction. This is usually helpful for quickly removing/editing a problematic or outdated section.
  • When completing the Name of Section, always make it a clear name that is easily recognisable to users i.e. Exclusion Zone Entry.
  • The Which Workers To Show Section dropdown is automatically set to show the Induction Section to All workers. This can be changed to show for New Inductions only or Refresher Inductions only.

Test Settings

  • Within each Orientation Section, the user has the ability to add a Practical Test (explained later in - Orientation > Adding Questions (Practical Test) To A Section). The Test Settings area configures these settings for each section.
  • The # Questions to Display field sets the amount of questions you wish to be displayed to the user.
    • When the number is set to less than the total number of questions, a random selection will be used.
  • Note: Questions will be shown at the end of the Induction, after any media (slides, videos etc). Where there is no available media associated to the section, the questions will be presented up front.
  • Enter into the field # Questions Correct to Pass the amount of questions the user will successfully answer correctly, for them to be allowed to continue or finish the induction process.
  • Enter into the field Attempts Allowed to Pass Test the amount of times a user can unsuccessfully meet the requirements set out in the above mentioned Questions Correct to Pass.
  • Example settings: the user is required to answer all of the random questions correctly, and is only able to have 1 retry, the settings would be:

Excluded / Included Employers

  • Within Inductions, you have the ability to limit the Employers that will or will not see each section. This is used most when the section is for a specific audience i.e. Exclusion Zone Entry.
  • By default, this is set to all Employers seeing the section.
  • The Excluded Employers is best used when there are only a handful of Employers that need to be excluded from the Induction Section. Expand the Excluded Employers list and check each of the Employers that ARE NOT to see this section of the Induction.
  • The Included Employers is best used when there are only a handful of Employers that are to see this Induction Section. Expand the Included Employers list and check each of the Employers that ARE to see this section of the Orientation.


  • A Checklist can be created for each Section to advise the user of any Checklist protocol associated to the specific topic. For example, for an Exclusion Zone Entry section, the user would be shown the Exclusion Zone Permit checklist.
  • Complete the Checklist Description and list out the checks required within Checklist, ensuring the items are one per line.

Submit Details

  • Once all the setting have been configured for the section Select > +Create button, to create the section in the system.
  • The section that was configured should now appear on the Orientation Sections page.



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