Orientation > Adding Video To A Section

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Project Settings > Orientation Settings
  • Locate the section you require and Select > Options on the right hand side. Then Select > Video from the drop down.


  • Two types of video upload options are available:
    • MP4 file converted to H264 (ready for the web)
    • Vimeo link
  • To upload an MP4Select > the Choose File button and browse through your device file system and select the desired file. Select > Upload. Note: HammerTech supports the video format of .mp4 converted to H264 (ready for the web). If your video format does not match we suggest using a .mp4 converter or exporting the video using existing software to the .mp4 format. 
  • Select the language for the video (The different videos will be shown depending on the language the user selects when conducting the induction)
  • Select if the selected language is the Default Culture (The language used for the majority of the client's users) 
  • To link a Vimeo, paste the Vimeo Link into the Embed Youtube/Vimeo Link box (see How to Upload Induction Videos - Vimeo for guidance)
  • To link a Youtube video - paste the Youtube link into the Embed Youtube/Vimeo Link box (see How to Upload Induction Videos - Youtube for guidance)
  • Select Upload

  • You will be presented with a message 'Uploading Video...', once the upload process is completed, you will be redirected to the Orientation Sections page.
  • When viewing the section in the Orientation Sections overview page, the word Yes should now be visible for the column title Video.
  • Once Videos have been uploaded they can be previewed by selecting either Preview or Videos from the options drop-down menu



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