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Employers within the HammerTech system can be added and updated by the Main Contractor, by the Employer (updating only) or by importing them from another project.

This article explains how to add an Employer into the system manually i.e. by the Main Contractor.

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Employers > Active
  • Select the  Blue Plus (+) button in the top right hand corner of the screen.


At this point, it is recommended to conduct both of the below checks to Search for the Employer to ensure they do not already exist within the system. If the Employer is found in either of the below searches, see - Employers > Importing An Existing Employer

  • Employer's Name Search: 
    • Start typing the first few letters of the Employers name into the Employers Search
    • If the Employer exists within the system, they will appear within the list that is presented
  • ABN Search: 
    • Enter the company's ABN into the ABN field within Employer Profile
    • If the Employer exists within the system, they will appear within the list that is presented

Employer Profile

Once the above search has been completed and the Employer has not been found within the system, it is time to create the new Employer.

  • Start entering the Employer's details ensuring the completion of the Business Name and ABN. If the Employer already exists in the system (By Business Name or ABN) then a message will appear stating this to avoid creating duplicate Employers.


  • Should the Employer be part of a Parent Employer that already exists within the system, select the Parent Employer from the drop-down list
  • The Primary Contact is an important role within the HammerTech system. Depending on the size of the Employer, this individual is not usually the person on site. They will most likely be office based and will be responsible for ensuring their personnel have completed Inductions and submitted SWMS. Once the Primary Contact has been identified, enter the individual's First Name, Last Name and Email. Mobile number is optional
  • Enter the address details for the Employer within Physical Address and/or Mailing Address
  • HammerTech provides you with the ability to save in one location all the important data relating to an Employer (contractor), therefore enabling you to store important Insurance details (Workers Compensation, Public Liability and Other Insurances). This also includes Superannuation Compliance and the uploading of Safety Plans


Setup Options

Once the Employer information has been completed and uploaded, you will be given setup options to configure. Select from the below options.

  • Create Primary Contact Self Service Login - Creates a login for the Primary Contact for them to access the system and start inducting Personnel and submitting SWMS. This is best for when you are wanting the Employer to start accessing the system immediately, without delays. This will be automatically selected if the email entered is not already associated to an existing user
  • Receive Site Notifications - Chooses whether the Primary Contact is to receive project notifications
  • Show in Site Diary - If you want the Employer to be added to the Site Diary so that their progress reports and site numbers can be added, this box should be ticked. You can also choose if you would like them to only appear after their specified start date for the project.


Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is an email sent out to the Primary Contact, welcoming them to the system and the project, and requesting them to start inducting Personnel and submitting SWMS.

  • Within Start Date, enter the date the Employer will be starting on the project
  • If required, select the option to Send Welcome Email Immediately
  • Note: When the Send Welcome Email Immediately option has been selected, the system will automatically identify whether or not the Primary Contact has a user account, and select the appropriate tick boxes for you


(where applicable)

  • Where your project / company has configured functions (categories of responsibilities) select the relevant categories to associate to the Employer from the Applicable Functions field.


Once all the relevant details have been entered for the Employer:

  • Select Create Employer
  • This Employer will now appear in the list of active employers.
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