Orientation > Adding Questions (Practical Test) To A Section

Note: Questions can be added to a section that does or does not contain any media material (presentation slides or videos.)

  1. Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in)
  2. Navigate using the left hand menu > Project Settings > Orientation Settings.
  3. Locate the section you require and select the cog on the right hand side > Edit Questions from the drop down.
  4. There are two choices for the type of question to be presented to the inductee:
    • Multiple Choice
    • True/False
  5. Enter the question that you wish to be presented to the inductee into the desired question type.
  6. When creating a Multiple Choice question, input the desired answers into the Answer Text boxes. If you are wanting to present less than 4 options to the inductee, simple leave one or more fields blank. Ensure the Correct Answer tick-box is selected in A to D
  7. When creating a True/False question, ensure the Correct Answer tick-box is selected in A to B.
  8. When you have finished entering in the details relating to your question select +Add Question button.  
  9. Continue to add all the required questions making sure to select +Add Question each time. Questions can be deleted at any time by selecting the Delete Question button next to the corresponding question.
  10. When you have finished setting up the questions and answers for the relevant section, you can select the 'back button' located to the left of the title of the page 'Orientation Questions for Section ..', this will navigate you back to the Orientation Sections page.
  11. When viewing the section in the 'Orientation Sections' overview page, the number of questions associated should now be visible for the column title Questions
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