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  • You will enter the last stage in the online orientation process from a link sent to your email address once your contact details have been verified (step 2) or if you are enrolling yourself on a computer on site / premises that has been white listed (where step 2 is not required).
  • At the commencement of the 3rd step in the online orientation process, you will be provided with the 'Overview' page.  This page provides you with an overview of the orientation page, listing for each section in the test the number of slides, videos, questions and the necessary pass mark required to complete successfully. 
  • The system will step through each section of the orientation test numerically, media (presentations/videos) will always be presented first, then followed by questions and then the test if applicable.  Navigation is kept simple by clear action buttons.
  • Note:  Video control may be limited by the company whom has configured the orientation test, which may result in you being not able to skip and control the timing of the video.
  • Note:  If you do not successfully reach the required pass mark for a section, then you will be returned to the start of the relevant section and will be required to navigate through the media associated, before attempting to try again (pending that the company has enabled multiple attempts for a section.)
  • Once you have successfully completed all sections, the system will present 'Online Orientation Completed' 
  • Once your orientation has been completed, a unique identification number will be provided.  This will also be emailed and sent via SMS to your verified contact information.
  • Note:  It is important to keep a copy of your identification number, as the company may ask for it when you arrive on location along with saving you time by storing your details and recording your completion of the induction, which can be used in future.


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