Personnel > Manually Creating Personnel

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Personnel > New Orientation.
  • The form presented on the page titled 'Personnel / Create' mimics the online induction form, but does contain subtle differences.  The main differences are the inclusion of 'printing' specific fields, ability to associate an individual to a JHA (related to their employer), and lastly licenses are not mandatory.
  • Note: The printing fields are only relevant where you have a DataCard printer that has been configured to work with HammerTech.
  • Note: Mobile phone and email fields are not mandatory when creating personnel in the system, however please note that any communications via bulletins or notification by the system i.e. safety notifications will not be able to be received by the individual if these have not been provided.
  • Input the individual's profile details into the form fields, uploading any necessary Licences, Profile Picture, etc.
  • You can add a project specific identifier for the worker, for example: Sticker No. or Induction No. (see below). This allows each worker to be identified by a number in the event of their identity being unknown, or them being unable to provide their identity in the case of an incident. Use the search bar in the top right corner of the page to find any employees linked to a particular number.

  • When adding Licences where more than one type of Licence is on the same card then only one photo of the front & back of the Licence is required, select 'Add another on the same card' and the images uploaded for the first Licence will be copied for further Licences on the same card

  • You can select if the worker has completed the company and/or project induction manually with you by selecting the appropriate tick box. If the "Has company induction been completed?" tick box is selected then the Company Induction Checklist will be displayed to be completed

  • Once you have finished entering in the relevant details, you have 3 options:
  • a)  You can select the '+ Create & Approve' button, where the system will create the induction and automatically approve the individual in the system and then navigate you to the 'Approved Inductions' page, where you can view the newly created individual.
  • b)  If you would like to add another personnel to the same company then select the upward facing arrow next to the 'Create & Approve' button and select 'Create, then add another from same employer'
  • c)  If you would like to manually create the individual and send the test to an email account select the upward facing arrow next to the 'Create & Approve' button and then 'Create, don't approve and send test to person' (see below image)



Note: If the personal details (Employer, Full Name, and DOB) match a worker that already exists in the system, you will receive an alert with the option to use that worker's details instead, to avoid creating a duplicate.



If someone is duplicated in the system their profiles can be merged (see Company > Merging Existing Personnel Profiles To Avoid Duplication)


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