Permits To Work > Configuring Permit Types

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Administration > Permit Types.
  • Once on the 'Permit Types' page > Select the '+Add New' button in the top right hand corner of the screen, this will enable you as a user to add a new 'Permit Type' to your project / company.
  • When creating a permit type it is important to provide a 'Name' that both your internal staff and subcontractor foreman can familiarise with i.e. Confined Space or Hot Works.
  • You have the option to make the permit type an exclusion permit, which would take over exclusive rights to the permit it is associated to, ignoring whether or not the zone has been set up as an exclusion zone.
  • Enter a number for Maximum Duration, choose either Weeks/Days/Hours for the Permit Type 
  • Within the Checklists heading, users have the ability to select a checklist that needs to be completed at the start, finish, and/or closeout of the permit. These Checklists are set up under Administration > Checklist Types, see Permits To Work > Creating Start, Finish, and Closeout Checklists


  • See screenshot below where a worker has completed or stopped all work within a permit zone, and is required to then complete the finish checklist questions before they can sign off.


  • Select whether you want this permit type to 'Automatically Add to Future Projects?' and then tick which projects you want this permit type to be associated with. (If you leave a project unticked, this particular permit type will not come up as an option when applying for a permit).


  • The next step is associating which permit zone/s are applicable to the permit type i.e. confined space may be applicable to Elevator Shaft zones but not to Drop Zones. By associating zones to types of permits, it will make it easier for your internal staff and subcontractors, to make the right selection for their specific work. Note: associating permit zones can be done at a zone, project or company level. By selecting 'All Permit Zones', the permit type will be associated to every permit zone listed on your screen.


  • The last step in creating a permit type, is adding custom fields.  Each business has their own requirements and data they wish to capture, when a user is applying for a permit to work.  This may be something as simple as a check-box confirming that an area has been barricaded, to something as complex as a measurement for oxygen levels within a confined space.
  • To add a custom field:
    • Select > the Add Field button near the bottom of the permit type form.  This will create a new field.
    • Enter in a description of the field in the Field Name text box.
    • Select > from the dropdown menu, the method you wish the user to respond.
    • Then decide whether or not the field is compulsory, where unless completed by the user, they will be unable to submit the permit to work.
    • See General Contractor FAQs - Custom Fields Explained for further details on Custom Fields.

  • Continue to add in custom fields until you satisfy your business requirements for a permit to work. 
  • Note: If there is a reason that you are unable to replicate your current paper-based permit to work forms through the HammerTech system, please send an email to or raise a ticket and we will assist you as best we can.
  • Once you have completed the form, select > the 'Create' buttonthe system will then finalize the creation of your permit type.
  • Continue the above steps, to create all the 'Permit Types' that your site requires.

  • Similar to most items within the HammerTech system, permit types can be edited/deleted as you see fit.  They can be edited at a company level therefore applying to all underlying projects, or specifically at a project level where required, only impacting that specific project.  Undertaking the deletion or editing, at a company or project level will determine how it impacts your business.
  • To view / edit / delete select > the name of the specific permit type from the list you wish to action. 
  • To edit the permit type, simply adjust the Name, Permit Zones applicable or Custom Fields (changing the text, mandatory nature or simply deleting) and then select 'Save Changes'.
  • If you wish to delete a permit type, select > the 'blue' button with a cog in the top right hand side and simply choose the delete option.
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