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This section will cover off how to manage permit to work requests from subcontractors, from reviewing, approving/rejecting to modifying existing bookings.

  • You can review all permit to work booking as an internal user, by logging into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Permits > Review Pending or View All. Permits will appear in order from most recent to oldest
  • The 'Approval Status' column provides you with an understanding of all the permit bookings in the system
  • Awaiting Review - indicates that a subcontractor has requested a permit to work, but it is yet to have been reviewed and actioned

  • To action select 'Details'
  • Then select the blue settings button and select 'Edit'
  • Review the information assigned to the request and make any modifications to the booking as required i.e. change the start or end time
  • Note: For auditing, safety and data consistency you are not able to alter a permit start time, employer or zone, after work has actually commenced in that zone.
  • Select either 'Approve Permit' or 'Reject Permit'
  • If approved the subcontractor will get a notification that their permit was approved with or without modifications
  • The 'Approval Status' will be updated to 'Approved' with the date/time that it was actioned.
  • When a scheduled permit is within the timeframes of the booking, a 'Start Work' button will be made available in the 'View All' page
  • Subcontractors have the ability via their interface to select this action or as an internal user you also have the ability to.  By selecting the 'Start Work' button, it will update the booking to 'Active' instead of 'Scheduled'

  • Once work has been marked as started, a 'Finish Work' button will be made available.  This will allow either the subcontractor or internal user to mark the booking as finished. The 'Approval Status'  will update to Completed

  • At any time if you are required to adjust a booking, select 'Details', then the blue settings button and select 'Edit' to make the required modifications to the booking i.e. start time / end time and then select the Save Changes button.  This will notify all relevant parties
  • You can also view previous version of the permit booking when reviewing the details of a permit
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