JHA > Creating JHAs And Capturing SDS Information

The HammerTech system allows you to upload a JHAs on behalf of another Company or for yourself


To upload JHA

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select JHAs > Create New
  4. Select The Employer/company from the drop down menu.
  5. Select the Provided By drop-down and choose from the list of Personnel.

    Note: The Personnel list will only show Enrolled Personnel or the Primary Contact. Use ‘Other’ for non-Enrolled Personnel or non-Primary Contact and enter their details manually in ‘Provided By Worker Name’. 

  6. Add the 'Activity Name’ and ‘Description’ align to the JHA document.
    The 'Activity Name' is a mandatory field and must be entered before submitting the JHA.

  7. A JHA that is considered to be high risk can be flagged by ticking the High Risk checkbox which automatically sets a periodic review period. To set the review period, see JHA > How do I configure JHAs for High Risk reviews and undertake the reviews?
  8. Select if you wish to 'Upload and Approve' the JHA or 'Just Upload', essentially deciding if you wish to approve the JHA or save it to be approved/modified at a later date
  9. Select Choose File and Upload a scanned or PDF copy of the JHA. (10MB File Size Limit)
  10. Select the blue plus ‘+’ button and choose whether you want to associate the JHA with a New or Existing SDS.
  11. If you select Existing, you can search for the SDS in the drop down that appears below.
  12. If you choose to enter a New SDS, complete the required information, upload a scanned or PDF copy of the SDS, choose the appropriate Pictograms associated with the Chemical Hazard SDS and include any other required attachments.
  13. Select Add Sds
  14. Additional SDS can be added through selecting the blue plus symbol again
  15. Single or multiple Acknowledgement Forms can be added 
  16. Select the Personnel who are assigned to this JHA through the tick-boxes.

    Note: only Enrolled Personnel associated to the Employer selected at the top of the page, will show in this section. When additional Personnel are Enrolled for this Employer, they can be added to this JHA- see JHA > How do I assign personnel and capture their signatures?
  17. Select 'Choose File' and add notes under Review and Comments
  18. The JHA Review Checklist puts in place a trackable checklist to ensure specific requirements have been met prior to the submission of a JHA. Each item is answered ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ by selecting the appropriate tick-box. Where a ‘No’ is recorded, further information is to be added in the ‘Details’ box. To set up the JHA Review Checklist, see Administration > How do I configure a checklist for when I am reviewing a JHA?

    Note: The if a checklist has been created, it must be completed for every JHAs including JHAs created by a Main Contractor

  19. Select Create.


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