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Ensuring plant and equipment has been maintained in ‘fit for use’ condition is essential for the safety of operators and neighboring workers. Keeping track of every piece of plant on a large site can be problematic. The Plant and Equipment module takes control of this process, making it simpler to monitor all plant and equipment on-site.

  • The ability to store key information relating to plant & equipment
  • Automatic notifications when plant & equipment require servicing (within 28 days of expiry date)
  • Associate JHA's and licenses to plant & equipment. Adds a further check so only those qualified/licensed are able to operate plant or equipment.
  • Ability to push notifications to subcontractors to service or remove plant from site
  • Ability for plant induction stickers to be generated (as per unique number)
  • Ability to customize Plant checklists / add bespoke plant items.
  • Add pictures of plant for ease of identification

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