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  • Upon successful validation of completing the first step in the induction process (entering in your profile details), the system will navigate you to the 'Verify your Registration' step. HammerTech will send an SMS to the mobile number that you specified in your previous form, the message will include a unique 'Verification code'.
  • As stated in the text presented to the user on the page, dependent on communication traffic on the mobile network system a message may take up to 3 minutes to arrive.  Once you receive the message, enter the unique code into the 'Verification code' field.


  • Note:  In the event you have not received the SMS in 3 minutes, the system will present a 'Resend SMS' button.  Once selected HammerTech will select another provider to send the message from to attempt to circumvent the traffic issues.  Again if 3 minutes passes, the system will prompt the user to resend and continue to attempt other service providers until the message is successfully received and the code entered into the system.
  • Once you have verified your details, the system will notify you that the 'Registration Form is Complete'.  
  • Select the 'Start Induction' to begin the Induction Test, alternatively a link to the Induction Test will also be sent to the email address provided. Note: This is only valid if the company requires that personnel complete an Orientation Test.

Note:  Where you are completing the test from a device that is accessing a 'White Listed IP Address' which some companies may choose to do, the system will not send an email containing the url (website address) for the test, instead the only option is to select the 'Start Orientationicon.

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