Orientation > Commencing The Online Enrollment/Orientation

Navigating to the Company Overview homepage of the General Contractor, select the relevant project from the list. In the bottom right hand corner under New To Site? heading select ‘Enroll Now’.

Note: The online orientation can be reached through any web-browser.


  • Then select whether this is your First Enrollment with HammerTech or if you are Already Enrolled with HammerTech (If you have already been registered under this same company, See Quick Enrollment)


Note: A worker must complete First time enrollment and must be approved in at least one project for the same General Contractor before completing quick enrollment (the verification code will not be sent if they are not approved in any projects)

  • The first stage of the orientation process titled 'Worker Orientation' is aimed at capturing key details relating to you as an individual such as contact details, experience/licensing etc.
  • Note:  Ensure that you select your 'Employer' from the list provided in the form, if your employer is missing please refer to your key contact for the project / company.
  • Note:  The system requires you to provide a valid email and cell phone for verification and communication purposes, if you do not hold one or more of the above, please refer to your key contact for the project / company.
  • Continue to fill out the form, ensuring that any fields marked with '*' which denote the field is mandatory are completed.
  • Depending on the Job Title you select, you may be required to enter in any mandatory licenses that have been associated to that title.
  • When adding Licences and you have multiple Licences on the same card, only 1 photo of the front & back of the Licence is required. Select 'Add another on the same card' and the photos will be copied for all Licences on the same card

  • Once you have completed the form, select 'Submit Registration', the system will then validate that all necessary fields have been filled out correctly
  • Where the system finds any errors it will display them to you at the top of the form, in conjunction with also highlighting the field/s where the error has been detected


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