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If the Main Contractor has not made any Observation Types available to your company then this section will not be displayed to you. You will need to speak with the Main Contractor to make these Observation Types available. 


Raising Observations

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Observations
  4. Create New
  5. Select the Observation Type from the dropdown menu
  6. Once you identify if the Observation is 'positive' or 'negative', the box will expand for you to add in all the required additional information.
  7. Select a Function if applicable (This will determine who is responsible for the Observation IF functions have been set up by the main contractor)
  8. Select Responsible Party (either unassigned or assign your company)
  9. Select a Location for the Observation (if necessary).
  10. The Identification section is automatically populated with details of the individual undertaking the Inspection and the time the Observation was raised.
  11. When the observation is negative, the Resolution section will appear allowing the user to add additional details to monitor the Observation's close out. By selecting Priority, the Due Date will automatically be completed.
  12. The Already Resolved tick-box, provides you the ability to flag that an item has been fixed, which will continue to store the details of the Observation for reporting/audit purposes, but will not assign the Observation to the responsible party for rectification, once submitted.
  13. By selecting Require Fix Photo, you will not be able to submit a Resolution without attaching a photo.
  14. Add between 1 - 3 photos of the observation
    Select > Choose File and:
      • mobile device (phone / tablet) - select whether you wish to use an existing photo from your gallery or take a new picture. Follow the prompts of your relevant device and assign a photo.
      • desktop/laptop computer - browse your file system for the photo to assign.
  15. Annotations can be added to the photo / pictures uploaded, by selecting the annotate button (see below). 
    Once you have finished annotating the photo, select the small X in the right corner and the image will be saved as is. 
  16. Select 'Create' button at the bottom of the page.


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