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  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left-hand menu > Bulletins New Bulletin.
  • The first step in the process is determining the communication medium you wish to utilise by selecting an option from the Distribution Method field. Note: By selecting All it will post the bulletin by all mediums available to the recipients selected
  • Next select the audience you wish the communications to be sent to by selecting an option from the Recipients field:
    • Everyone - Will send the bulletin to all Personnel in the system, that have their contact details stored, including users (Admin, Standard Users, Assistant, External Representative)
    • All Nominated Representatives - Will send the bulletin to all employer representatives (foreman) that have been assigned to the active employers.
    • All Workers - Will send the bulletin to all inducted personnel in the system, that have their contact details stored
    • Specific Workers - Will provide you with further options. First you will select an Employer from the Subcontractor drop down menu the page will then present personnel from that specific Employer, you will then have to tick which personnel you wish to send the bulletin to or select the Select All icon. Once you have selected the workers from that Employer, select the next Employer and then the required personnel from that Employer and so on until all required workers are selected (See image)
    • Internal Users (All) - This will send the bulletin to all Admins as well as Standard Users in the project (General contractor users).
    • Internal Users (Admin Only) - This will send the bulletin to all company level admins in the project.
    • Internal Users (Specific) - Allows you to select which specific users in the project that you want the bulletin sent to.
    • All Primary Contacts - Sends the bulletin to all active primary contacts that have been assigned to Employers in the project.
    • Specific Primary Contacts - Allows you to select specific Primary Contacts by first selecting the Employer and then the contact that is set up, similar to selecting specific workers.
    • Distribution Groups - Allows you to select a Distribution Group that has been configured at a company level, or within the current project (currently only available with Email notifications). Once you select this option, you will then get another dropdown to select one of the configured groups.
    • All Signed In Workers - If a site is using the sign in tablet, this will send the bulletin to any workers still signed in so that emergencies and important information can be communicated to only those still on site.


  • Enter in a title for the bulletin and then enter in the content field the bulletins bodytext (what you wish to communicate)
  • Note: If you have selected SMS as a distribution method, You will receive a message stating This could incur additional SMS charges.
  • Note: If you have selected SMS as a distribution method, the system will automatically estimate the number of messages to send based on the number of characters included in the content field multiplied by the amount of personnel it is sending to


  • If the distribution method for the Bulletin is WebsiteEmail, or TV then attachments can be added to the Bulletin by selecting 'Upload Files' in the Attachments section or dragging the required files in to the Attachments section. Only DOCX, XLSX, PDF, PNG, JPEG and GIF file formats are supported with a size limit of 3Mb

  • The final step in the process is determining whether or not you wish to publish the bulletin (includes sending email / message) or delay it.  If you wish to delay, select the No button a date time field will appear, simply enter or select the date time you wish to send the bulletin.
  • Scroll to the bottom and Select+Create.


  • You are also able to create a bulletin to send to a specific employee by viewing the worker in Personnel > All Personnel and selecting the blue settings cog on the top right > Send SMS or Send Email. This will take you straight to the screen above with the Personnel already selected. You can also add more personnel to the bulletin at this stage if necessary by selecting the relevant Subcontractor and then Personnel. Complete the rest of the details and select +Create.


Note: If you have selected SMS as a distribution method, the Project Name is added by default however it can be edited or removed. 



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