What Is The Public Site / Homepage?

The HammerTech system provides each licensed project with its own home page and sub-domain (example) The aim of the project home page is to provide your contractors / personnel with a central portal, where they can:

  • View Important Site Documents
  • View Site Weather Forecast (linked to BOM)
  • View Recent Bulletins posted by your company
  • View PPE Requirements
  • View Bookings
  • Access and commence the Online Enrollment/Orientation process
  • View and request Permits Of Work on your project
  • View MSDS for the chemicals that are located on site
  • Access/Log in to the secure HammerTech system

The home page is accessible by everyone (public access) and is by default flagged as 'do not crawl/index' by search engines ensuring your home page retains some anonymity by not appearing in search results.


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