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The system automatically generates the Daily Report on a daily basis so there are a number of ways to obtain Employer Progress Updates within the HammerTech Daily Report.


To review Site Diary

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select > Site Diary.
  4. Select > the diary you are wanting to update.
  5. Once within your chosen Site Diary, your individual User Privileges will dictate what you are able to modify / update (for more information on user privileges, see - Project > Adding And Managing Users).

There are a number of ways to update the Employer Progress, choose the appropriate method from below.

Employer Log In:

Allows the Employer to submit their own worker numbers and daily progress update. 

For more information see - Daily Report > Submitting Numbers And Progress Report

To review Employer Progress

    1. To review the submitted progress updates
      Select > View button next to the Employer.
    2. To edit the submitted progress updates
      Select > Edit button next to the Employer.
    3. Select Approve once reviewing the submitted progress updates
    4. To remind an employer to provide a progress update, 
      Select > Reminder button within the chosen Employer.

      Both the Primary Contact and the Nominated Rep will receive a reminder notification, with a maximum of three reminders that can be sent to each employer, per day. You can also send a reminder to all active employers within the project by selecting the cog to the right of Active Employer Progress > Send Reminder (see screenshot below).


  • As a general contractor, you are also able to determine if an Employer shows up as Active in the daily report by going into Employers > Active, selecting the relevant Employer and > Edit. Under the Employer Options tab, there are two options for the daily report that can be ticked/unticked:

  • You can reactivate employers directly from the daily report under > Inactive Subcontractors > Activate, if required. 
  • Where No Foreperson (Nominated representative) appears within the chosen Employer, a reminder cannot be sent. In this case the Progress Update is to be updated manually (see below) or have a Foreperson assigned to the Employer (see - Personnel > Assigning A Foreman To An Employer)

Sign In Book (where applicable):

Allows all workers and visitors to electronically sign in each day, automatically capturing the information into the daily Daily Report.

  • You can prevent the employer from manually editing worker hours that have been captured through the Sign-in app. This is a feature request that will need to be turned on, please contact your implementation manager to action this request.
  • For more information see - Daily Report > Sign In Book

Manual Entry (Individual Employer):

Allows the General Contractor to manually enter the worker numbers and daily progress update for an Employer that is unable to do this themselves or if details need to be edited (e.g. Hours Worked).

  1. Scroll to Active Employer Progress and Select the +Add button on the right hand side of the appropriate Employer (if there is data already entered, select Edit instead).
  2. In the first category of workers, input the Number of Workers onsite, their Start Time and the Hours Worked that day. To add another line of the same group of workers, select the Add More button. The Total Hours Worked will calculate as you go.
  3. If applicable enter Visitors On Site if applicable and enter a Progress Report for the day
  4. From the drop-down, select the individual that has Reported the progress and the Source of the notification i.e. via email, SMS etc...
  5. Select Save Changes

 Manual Entry (In Individual Daily Report):

Allows users with individual daily report rights the ability to add employer progress including 'Notes' and 'Photos'.

To enter Employer Progress in your Individual Site Diary

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Daily Report.
  4. Select the date you are wanting to update.
  5.  Select Edit next to your name under User Diary Entries
  6. Select + in the Employer Progress tab
  7. Select the employers you wish to add from the list and select 'Add to Individual Diary Entry'
  8. Select 'Edit' from the Actions cog next to the employer progress you wish to edit


(See User Diary Entries in Daily Report > Updating Daily Report)


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