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The HammerTech System defines a User as 'an individual working for the company licencing the software (i.e. the General Contractor) or the Primary Contact for each Subcontractor'. All other individuals using the system, such as inducted workers, should be managed through Employers and Personnel (see - General Contractor).

This guide is for adding an existing HammerTech user to your Project and managing their settings accordingly. To set-up a new user, see Company > Setting Up A New User

Once a User has been set-up within the HammerTech System, they can then be easily imported onto each relevant Project, with settings easily managed on a per Project basis.

Adding User To Project:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left-hand menu > Project Settings > Users (only Administrators and Standard Users - that have been granted project ‘admin role’ access can access this menu item.)
  • To add a new user, Select > the +Add New button on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • From the User drop-down, choose the appropriate person to import onto this Project. Note: If the User does not appear in the drop-down menu:
    • Check if the User is already assigned to the Project - Select > the back arrow to return the Project Users list. Scroll through the list to find the User's name. If the User's name is listed, this means they are already assigned to this Project, select user and continue. Otherwise;
    • The User has not yet been set-up in the system - to set-up a new User within the system, see Company > Setting Up A New User


Managing User Settings:

Once the User is selected, choose the appropriate Role the User will take on this Project, from the Role drop-down. Note: this role is applicable to this project only and will not affect user settings on any other projects the user is assigned to.

  • Admin - Ability to access all project menu items, access to project settings, and the option to view confidential information. 
  • Standard User - This user has no administrator rights and will only have access to the projects in which they have been assigned to. They have the ability to access all project menu items and the option to view confidential information however, cannot access or modify any project settings and by default will be unable to access the Administration and Project Settings menu items.
  • Document Access Only: Limited to viewing documents uploaded in the Document Sections of the HammerTech site only
  • External Representative (Read Only) - Will have read only access to certain areas of the system (Personnel, Employer, Safety Register, Permits, Plant Inductions, and JHAs/SDS) and will not have create/edit rights to any areas of the system/project. They can only access the projects in which they have been assigned to. By default they cannot see confidential information on any project.
  • Employer Representative (See Personnel > Creating A Self-Service Login For The Nominated Representative (Foreman))

Lastly, select the functionality the user requires by selecting the tick-boxes for:

  • Has Individual Daily Report - user is given the ability to update a Daily Report entry assigned specifically to them.
  • Is Daily Report Admin (not applicable to Employer Representative Users) - user is able to modify the Daily Report including the Daily Site Summary, Worker Numbers and Daily Report Entries.
  • Allow Access To Confidential Information (over ridden by Admin Role) - user is able to access/see confidential information within the system i.e. Medical Checklist information within Personnel. To see more about controlling access to confidential information and extended privacy - See Project > Confidential Data Access (Extended Privacy)
  • Receive Site Notifications - user will receive all notifications for this Project within their Notification Window.

Once complete, Select > +Create

Once a user has been set up on the project, you are able to return to Project Settings > Users to modify the role/user type and increase the privileges at a project level for all users (only Administrators and Standard Users - that have been granted project ‘admin role’ access can access this menu item).

When searching for project users you can filter by user type by selecting the blue filter icon in the top right corner.

If you require your access to be changed, you will need to request this from an admin user in your system.

Note: If a user tries to log in to a project they are not associated with they will receive an error message informing them of this (See below).

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