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The HammerTech Daily Report is a daily collation of Worker Numbers, Visitors, Site Updates, Inductions, Plant and Incidents. The HammerTech system automatically creates the Daily Report on a daily basis, allowing Subcontractors and General Contractors to input their updates as required.

Note: To view enlarged images in the Daily Report select the image and an enlarged version will be displayed

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left-hand menu > Daily Report.
  • As the system automatically generates the Daily Report on a daily basis, today's report will be at the top of the list. Select > the report you are wishing to update.
  • Once within your chosen Daily Report, your individual User Privileges will dictate what you are able to modify / update (for more information on user privileges, see - Project > Adding And Managing Users).
  • The Daily Report list is grouped into months (see image below) which can be expanded to facilitate fast searching for a specific day's Daily Report

Daily Site Summary:

  • The Daily Site Summary captures the working hours and weather on site for the day. To modify this information, Select > the Edit Site Summary button.
  • Choose the type of work hours from the Hours Worked drop-down including Normal Operating Hours, Modified Operating Hours, Public Holiday / RDO, or No Work (Other Reason).
  • If required, modify the site Start / End Time, enter the number of Additional Hours Lost (only applicable if Modified Operating Hours has been selected) and a full Reason For Operating Hours Changed. This will be calculated against the normal operating hours and incorporated into the Statistics Report under 'Lost Hours'
  • Lastly, the weather details are automatically generated from the BoM location entered when the Project was first setup with HammerTech. It shows the Weather Observations and Weather/Forecast Comments. If the details need to be modified or additional details added, make these amendments within Weather/Forecast Comments.
  • Once completed, Select > Save Changes.

User Diary Entries


  • All Users marked as Has Individual Daily Report, will be listed within this section (for more information on user privileges, see - Project > Adding And Managing Users).
  • Edit - to update your own daily report entry: 
    • Select > Edit next to your name.
    • Enter your notes / observations within the sections on the page.
    • Add progress / site photos through the Choose File button or drag to drop multiple photos at once.
    • Add Comments specific to a photo if necessary.
    • Once complete, Select > Save Changes.
  • View and Approve - once a diary entry has been updated:
    • Select > View to review the details
    • Select > Approve or Select > Mark Completed
  • Unlock - to reopen a diary entry for further update:
    • Select > Unlock to make the entry available again for updating.
    • Once updated, repeat the View and Approve step.

Active Employer Progress


Automatic Lists

  • Workers Inducted - System generated list of workers that have had their Registration / Induction approved that day
  • Plant Inducted - System generated list of Plant that has been inducted onto site that day
  • Incidents - System generated list of any Incidents reported that day
  • Injuries - System generated list of any Injuries reported that day
  • Meetings Created - System generated list of any meetings created that day
  • Meetings Completed - System generated list of any meetings completed that day
  • Inspections- All completed Inspections for that day, showing the inspection type, time it was created, attendees and number of issues/observations raised



Viewing Next/Previous Days Daily Report

  • To switch between the current days Daily Report and either the next or previous days, select either the blue <Prev or Next> icons at the top of the Daily Report

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