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Employers within the HammerTech system can be added and updated by the General Contractor, by the Employer or by importing them from another project. You can easily see which projects an employer is associated with by viewing the list of Associated Projects within their profile.

This article explains how to Import an Employer that already exists within the system, onto your project.

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > Employers > Active
  • Select > +Add New button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Employer Search

Conduct the below checks until you find the appropriate Employer.

    • Employer's Name Search:
      • Start typing the first few letters of the Employers name into the Employers Search (Any part of the Employer's name can be entered when searching if the whole name is not known).
      • If the Employer exists within the system, they will appear within the list that is presented.
      • Select the Employer from the list and Select > Import.
      • Review the Employer details in the Import Review Pop-up
      • Enter Start Date or tick 'Send Welcome Email'
      • Select > Import



Employer Profile

Once the Employer has been added to the Project, it is recommended that the Employer information be checked to ensure it is still current and has been completed correctly.

    • Select the Employer from the list under Employers > Active.
    • Ensure that a Primary Contact has been listed. Note: The Primary Contact is an important role within the HammerTech system. This individual is the contact for all projects the Employer will be working on. Depending on the size of the Employer, this individual is not usually the person on site. They will most likely be office based and will be responsible for ensuring their personnel have completed Orientations and submitted JHAs.
    • Choose the following option for the review/update of information:


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