Orientation > Capturing Worker's Signature/Consent for Orientation

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At the end of the Induction process workers will have to sign to consent to the agreement for the Induction. When reviewing a worker's induction and getting them to sign off before approval, you can select to either:

  • Capture signature Now, or
  • Send SMS / Email to Capture Signature


If you select to Capture Signature Now, a signature panel will be available for the worker to sign off on your device.

If you select to Send SMS / Email, once you select Save Changes or Approve the worker will be sent an SMS and Email with the link to signoff on their induction. 

Note: If the Send SMS / Email option is disabled, ensure that a mobile number and/or Email is entered.


At the end of the Orientation process workers will have to sign to consent to the agreement for the Orientation (See Orientation > Approving or Rejecting an Orientation to view how to Capture the Worker's Signature and Company > Configure Orientation Signoff Text to view how to Configure the Sign Off Text personnel will sign for).

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