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For some of your workers, English may not be their first language. HammerTech has the option during the Orientation process to have an Interpreter present during the slides and questions.

If an interpreter is required during the Enrollment/Orientation process:

  • Once the registration details have been completed an sms will be sent with a Verification Code.
  • Enter the Verification Code and select the blue Verify Orientation icon
  • An email will be sent with a link to complete the Orientation, or you can select the blue Start Orientation icon to begin
  • You will then be asked if Interpreter Assistance is required
  • If you select Yes then you will be required to enter in the interpreter's details (See below)

  • Once the details are entered, select the blue Submit icon
  • Complete the Orientation slides and questions
  • Once the Orientation is complete the Interpreter will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have explained all details in the worker's native language (See below) and then select the blue Submit Orientation icon

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