Daily Report > Viewing Daily Report Details on the Dashboard

You can view the details of the Daily Report from the Dashboard.

The details displayed for 'Today' and 'Total' are:

  • User Diary Entry Status (Completed or Not Completed)
  • Daily Reports Completed Today
  • Weather Forecast
  • Equipment Inducted
  • Workers Inducted
  • Workers Deactivated
  • Reported Workers on Site
  • Reported Visitors on Site
  • Subcontractors who have reported # workers
  • Subcontractors who haven't reported # workers
  • Injuries
  • Incidents

To view the Daily Report details on your Dashboard see General FAQ's > How Do I Configure My Dashboard?.

You can also search for details in the Daily Report using the search bar in the top right corner (see General FAQ's > How does the Search Bar work?)

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