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Before making a Booking the Booking Types and Zones must first be configured.  You must have the required access level of 'admin' at a minimum on a project if you wish to make the changes, or 'admin' at a company level.


To Configure Booking Types

  1. Log into HammerTech
  2. Select ADMINISTRATION > Booking Types
  3. Select the '+'Blue Plus icon in the top right corner.
  4. Enter the name of the Booking Type
  5. Select if the Booking Type is going to be an exclusion booking
    (No other bookings allowed in this area at the same time)
  6. Enter a number for Maximum Duration, choose either Weeks/Days/Hours for the Booking Type
  7. Select if the Booking Type is going to have an option for it to be re-occurring
  8. Select the Booking Zones that will apply to this Booking Type.
    Specific booking zones are grouped by project to make it easier when selecting
  9. Enter any Custom Fields (questions) that are required.
    Select how they are to be answered from the drop-down menu and choose if this field will be mandatory (See Custom Fields Explained)
  10. Select Create icon


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