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To Conduct an Inspection for Observations:

  1. Log into HammerTech 
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select INSPECTIONS > Start New Inspection
  4. Select the Inspection Type from the drop down list and include an Inspection Description in the box underneath.
  5. Select an Employer to conduct the inspection against, and a Location (if applicable).
  6. Select Create once you are happy with your selections.
  7. Complete any Checklists that are set up with the particular Inspection Type.
  8. Some Checklist questions may require you, or give you the option to raise an Observation against it, if for example it is considered non-compliant. Select the blue + symbol and then enter the relevant details before selecting Save Observation.

9. Once the Checklist questions are completed you can add any additional Observation by selecting the blue + symbol next to Other Observations. Enter all of the relevant details and select Save Observation at the bottom

10. Once all Checklists have been completed and all Observation entered, select either the Send Interim Observations icon to send out notifications to all responsible parties assigned to an Observation or to submit the inspection select the Complete Inspection icon. If you select Send Interim Observations then the inspection will still remain active and can be edited and added to until it is marked complete.

Note: Each observation is to be assigned a Responsible Party which can be selected through the drop down menu. Observations can be raised against a Subcontractor or an Internal User (Main Contractor user) by selecting the required option from the drop down menu. Additional companies can be added where there is more than one responsible party, by selecting '+Add Additional Responsible Party'.

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