Observations > Viewing Open Observations

You can view, edit, export, resolve, and send a reminder about any Open Observations.

To Search For An Open Observation:
If you know the Observation title, you can use the Search function in Hammertech to take you straight to the observation created.


1) To view Open Observations:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu OBSERVATIONS > Open Observations
  • From here you can view the list of all Open Observations for that project
  • To view a list of filtered Observations, select the filter button in the top right corner
  • To view an enlarged version of the images select them and a zoomed in version will be displayed

1a) To view the Inspection, Incident, or Meeting where the Observation was raised

  • Click on the reference number (i.e. ISP-978) under the Observation Details column.
  • If the Observation was raised as a standalone Observation, the Source will display as Adhoc.

 2) To Edit an Open Observation:

  • Select the Edit button in the bottom right of the Observation
  • Edit the required details and then select Save Changes

3) To Export an Open Observation:

  • Click on the Download button which will then let you select whether you want the list of filtered Observations exported to Spreadsheet or PDF.

4) To Resolve an Open Observation:

  • Select the Resolved button in the bottom right of the Observation

5) To Reject an Open Observation Fix:

  • Click on the Review button
  • Enter any comments you wish to send to the Nominated Representative
  • Click on the Add Comment & Reject Fix icon, the Nominated Representative will be notified of the rejection along with any comments you entered, so they can review and attempt to fix the Observation

6) To Send a Reminder about an Open Observation:

  • Click the Send Reminder button in the bottom right of the Observation
  •  This will send a reminder to the associated subcontractors for that Observation
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