Incidents > Creating an Incident Report

To create an Incident report:

  • Log into HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > INCIDENTS > Add New
  • Select the Class of Incident from the drop down. Different incident types can be set up in the system by an admin (see Configure Incident Types)
  • Enter the Date of Incident
  • Select whether the incident is a Near Miss or not and then +Create


  • Select from the list what the Incident involved

  • Select whether the incident needs to be reported to the relevant authority
  • If you select Yes, you will be given the option of adding a Reference Number

  • Enter in the Incident details (If not all details are known at the time of making the initial report then the report can be edited and details added at a later time) (See Incidents > Managing/Editing Incident Reports)
  • Enter in any Injury details (If applicable). You can add more than one injury by selecting +Add Injury and these will be linked to the incident and also manageable under the menu item InjuriesNote: If more than one person was injured then you can create an injury report specifically for them (See Injury > Creating an Injury Report)

  • Select +Add Issue (if configured on the form) to raise and assign issues within the meeting. You can track and manage the issues within the meeting itself or navigate to Issues to view them in the list. Note: If no issue types are available for you to select, check that there are Issue types configured for Incidents under Administration > Issue Types (must be a company admin).
  • Depending on what is selected as the Class of Incident and how the "Is Near Miss?" question is answered, will determine what custom fields and questions are displayed under Additional Details. These can be set up or edited/added to by an admin under Administration > Incident Types.
  • Enter in the details of the investigation in to the Incident report (It is common for these details to be entered in at a later date once the investigation/corrective action has been completed)
  • Attach any relevant files (photos, other reports, etc...)
  • Once all known details have been entered select whether you wish to save the form as a Draft or as an Active (Open) Incident. Note: You can still edit details within the form while it is in both Draft and Active (Open) status.
  • Now Save Changes

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