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Once an Incident report has been created it can be edited at a later date to update any details or to add other attachments. They are automatically created as Drafts but can then be changed to Active (Open) once they are under investigation, and then Closed out when the Incident report has been completed and resolved.

You can view the status of any incident by looking at the first 'Status' column on the left hand side within Incidents > View All.

Incident reports can also be downloaded for filing/printing/emailing purposes.


To change an Incident from Draft to Active (Open):

  1. Log into HammerTech 
  2. Select your required project from the Company Overview drop-down in the top right hand corner
  3. Select > Incidents > View All
  4. Select the Draft Incident that you wish to make Active. Note: You can still change the incident back to Draft status and also edit any details of the incident when it is Active.
  5. Use the Options Cog to select Edit
  6. Make any changes and then scroll down to the bottom to whether to Save As: Draft or Active (Open)


To Close Out an Incident:

  1. Select the Active (Open) Incident that you wish to Close Out
  2. Use the Options button in the top right corner to select 'Close Out'
  3. You will prompted to sign and enter your name as confirmation, then select Save & Close Incident


Note: The status of the Incident will change to closed with date/time recorded.


To Re-Open an Incident:

  1. Select the Closed incident that you wish to reopen
  2. Use the Options button in the top right corner to select 'Re-Open'. The incident will go back to Active (Open) status and be editable.


To Download an Incident Report :

  1. Select the Incident you wish to export to PDF
  2. Select the Download button in the top right corner
  3. Select Export PDF
  4. The file will download to the default folder. Open and save/print as required
  5. All incident details that were entered into the form should appear in a generic format for filing/printing/emailing purposes


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