2016 - August Release Detailed Notes

  1. New Feature - [SMM-1736] SWMS Management - The system now allows you to assign multiple employers and their respective workers to an individual SWMS. We have introduced the concept of parent and child SWMS within the platform, where by the parent is the ultimate source of truth and only place edits to the SWMS can be made, where by the child are replications of the parent SWMS under each Employer. This feature was the focus of much of July and August development, due to the amount of demand from you are clients. 
  2. New Feature - [SMM-1520] Search - Added the ability to search site diary entries, through the standard search bar within the system. Finding the information that you have stored within your site diary entries can never be more easy now. Also added ability to search documentation stored in the system.
  3. New Feature - [SMM-1755] User Dashboard - Managing your Employers (subcontractors) pre-commencement activities has never been easy, now with the new dashboard option available. The dashboard option provides you an overview of upcoming Employers starting in the future, allowing you quickly determine if insurances have been provided, SWMS have been submitted and their workers have undertaken their registration/induction. 
  4. New Feature - [SMM-1828] Registration & Induction - Added the ability to reset induction tests where the worker has failed the maximum number of attempts that the induction was configured for. Once reset the system will send the worker an email notification, with a link to commence the test again from the start.
  5. New Feature - [SMM-772] Registration & Induction - Ability to enable feature flag which removes the registration requirement of email address for workers. It also removes the need for the user to verify and access their email prior to commencing any induction material configured in the system. This feature is turned off by default, please email if you wish this to be turned on in your environment.
  6. New Feature - [SMM-1617] Registration & Induction - We have added more functionality to the quick induction process, with the system now notifying users where an associated licence/ticket has expired. It provides them the opportunity to remove the item from their profile or to add updated details to their profile. Just another way we are trying to assist in the management of safety on site.
  7. New Feature - [SMM-1218] Bulletins - For clients that are utilising the HammerTech Android TV application to provide real-time information to their sites, we have added the ability to push instant bulletins to TV's on a specific project or company-wide. The bulletin will show as a new section in the overall information flow, where we support both text and images (pdfs), providing you an easy way to get important bulletins and safety notifications to your sites.
  8. New Feature - [SMM-1702] User Management - Creation of a new user role type in the system titled 'External Representative'. This user has restricted access to the system (find out more in the knowledge-base article) and is best utilised for those workers you want to have view access to the system but you don't wish them to edit any data in the system.
  9. New Feature - [SMM-607] Permits - Added the ability to filter permits under 'View All' by status and also date.
  10. New Feature - [SMM-1551] Reporting - Added a new report to the system titled 'Hours Worked' which can be run at both a project and company level across projects. With multiple options it provides the ability to export details relating to employers, workers and their hours worked across time-periods. This report is even more powerful when teamed up with the HammerTech Android Sign-In application, that provides insight into worker behavior, allowing you to manage worker fatigue with ease. 
  11. Improvement - [SMM-1818] Plant Inspection - Added new expandable / collapsible section to the inspection form for associated workers without the relevant licence to be grouped together. An improved user-experience is key to this item, especially where an associated 'Employer' had a high number of workers, which was causing the inspection form to require large amounts of unnecessary scrolling. 
  12. Improvement - [SMM-1884] General - We have had a number of support tickets recently, where it was found that users were trying to submit forms with 'cookies' disabled on their browser, which resulted in the form failing to submit. To assist users we have now released an improvement where the system will notify users, where it detects that cookies have been disabled (such as on some browsers in 'incognito/secret mode') warning them to not enter data, and providing instructions on how to fix.
  13. Improvement - [SMM-1416] Subcontractor Portal - Replaced Site Diary left hand navigation menu item "Today's Worker Numbers" with "Subcontractor Progress" to accurately describe the functionality within.
  14. Improvement - [SMM-1786] Registration & Induction - Removed the fields relating to card printed and card picked up for all clients that did not have their system integrated with the DataCard printing functionality, to continue our aim of providing the cleanest user-interface as possible.
  15. Improvement - [SMM-1816] Registration & Induction - Updated the user-interface across the worker profile and registration forms, bringing it into line with the new system wide UI design.
  16. Improvement - [SMM-1720] User Management - We have streamlined the new user login process, removing the need for the "Old Password" to be entered when changing the password on first login.
  17. Improvement - [SMM-1726] Site Diary - List of injuries, incidents, worker inductions and plant inspections completed and stored in the site diary automatically, now are navigational links to the underlying information in the system. Making it easier to access the information you want to.
  18. Improvement - [SMM-1600] Employer Management - By default when adding a Primary Contact to the system, the system will create an account for the user. This is to stop the issue where it seemed a company had a primary contact but no account was ever created.
  19. +30 Bug - Fixes & Small Changes
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