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Once a JHA has been approved it can then be assigned to other Employers.

To Assign a JHA to Other Employers:

  • Log in to HammerTech (if you are not already logged in), then navigate using the left hand menu > JHAs > View All
  • Choose the appropriate JHA and select the blue settings (cog) icon on the top right hand side of the screen and select Edit
  • Scroll to Assign to Other Employers and select the Employers you require to be associated with the JHA
  • Select Save Changes

By assigning the JHA to other Employers it will create a 'Child' JHA against each of the assigned parties. These can be viewed under JHAs > 'View All' where you can determine the 'child' from the 'Provided By' column with bold writing.  In this example below the original 'Parent' JHA is the bottom JHA under Leach Labour, where Brads Bobcats has been assigned as an Employer therefore the system has created a 'Child'

Only the 'Parent' JHA can be modified by the Employer that owns the responsibility of the JHA or by an internal secure user.  'Child' JHAs only have view privileges, they cannot modify the details of the JHA, they are used primarily for assignment of workers.  Where a parent 'Parent' JHA is updated, the 'Child' JHA are also automatically updated, making it easy to manage safety work practices on site, this includes automatic notification to all workers assigned across both 'Parent' and 'Child' JHAs.

The example below shows the workers profile section where JHAs are associated, here you can see that the JHAs are broken up by whom is the responsible party of the JHA.

You are also able to view and download JHAs that have been assigned to a worker directly from a workers profile by selecting the blue activity name under their Associated JHAs.




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